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The year of 1972

There had been plenty of interesting things that came about in the year of 1972, and not really all of them were of any great historic importance but were of interest. The year had been selected ae The International Year of the Book by the United Nations. At the beginning of 1972 Kurt Waldheim, a politician and diplomat from Austria, starts as the Secretary-General of the U. N.. He remains in the job until 1981. There was a calamity in New Delhi in India on January 21 when a bootlegger distributed some wood alcohol for a marriage party and a one hundred of them die from getting poisoned. On the 24 January, a Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi is discovered in Guam in which he’d spent twenty-eight years concealed in the rainforest after he failed to surrender after World War 2 as he had not been prepared to affirm that Japan had given up. Later in Japan Shoichi turn out to be a popular television personality and an advocate of a uncomplicated living lifestyle. By the end of the month, on the 30th there was Bloody Sunday in which the British Army killed fourteen unarmed nationalist civil rights protestors in Derry, Northern Ireland. This further inflamed tensions between Northern Ireland and the English. The Winter Olympic games come about from February 3rd-13th around Sapporo, Japan. On February 17th, a landmark is achieved by the Volkswagen Beetle as their product sales overtook the ones from the Ford Model Tautomobile when the 15,007,034th VW Beetle was released.

1972 ended up being maybe most noteworthy with the Watergate scandal in which five operatives from President Richard Nixon’s White House are arrested for burgling the office buildings of the opposition Democratic National Committee. Then on June 23, Nixon and the White House chief of staff H. R. Haldeman are taped discussing making use of the CIA in order to obstruct the FBI’s investigation in to these Watergate burglary’s. This in the end led to the undoing and resignation of Nixon. On July 25, medical officials in the US admitted that African-Americans were used as guinea pigs within the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis within the Negro Male. This was a major scandal and ended in the roll-out of fresh and rigorous requirements by which scientific research is carried out. At the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich there was a massacre where 11 Israeli sports athletes were murdered after eight terrorists from the Arab terrorist organization Black September invaded the Olympic Village. Five of the terrorists as well as 1 policeman are also killed during a unsuccessful hostage rescue with all of the hostages getting murdered. The Israeli government then launched Operation Wrath of God, that sanctioned the secret service, Mossad to track down and eliminate anybody who had played any role in the attack in Munich. 1972 ended up being the very last Apollo mission to the moon with Apollo 17 lands on the Moon on December 11. On December 14 astronaut, Eugene Cernan will become the last person to walk on the Moon’s surface, after he and fellow astronaut Harrison Schmitt finished the 3rd and final Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) of the Apollo 17 pursuit. Neither NASA in the USA or any organization from another nation has sent a manned mission to the Moon since then.