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The Memorable Events of 1914

The calendar year of 1914 seemed to be most important with the situations that led up to starting The First World War in the initial half of the year and then in the 2nd half of the year the growing and escalating battles of World War 1. All this began with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria that was heir to the Austrian throne by the Serbian nationalist Princip. During the next six months many other incidents along with hostilities occurred ultimately causing Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia by sending them a telegram on July 28th beginning The First World War. On the 1st of August, the German Empire announced war on the Russian Empire following Russia’s military services mobilization in support of Serbia. Germany also commences mobilisation. France furthermore ordered a general mobilisation. Soon after Germany proclaimed war on Belgium and the Kingdom of Montenegro declared war on Austria-Hungary. The day after Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia. Following it was the United Kingdom’s turn to formally announce war on Austria-Hungary. On August 23, the Japanese proclaimed war on Germany. In October Canada send 25 0000 soldiers to Europe to help the allies. On November 5, Great Britain and the French announce war on Turkey. Numerous battles and fights carry on through the rest of the year of 1914.

These occasions of World War 1 overshadowed plenty of additional things that took place in 1914, however, many of them were still fairly notable. Around the oceans, the ocean liner that will become HMHS Britannic, sibling to the RMS Titanic, is unveiled at the Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Ireland on February 26. On May 30th, the ocean ship RMS Aquitania makes her initial trip and on July 11 the USS Nevada, that is the United States Navy’s first “dreadnought” battleship, is launched. Nevertheless, on May 29 1914, the ocean ship RMS Empress of Ireland sinks in the Gulf of Saint. Lawrence with the loss of 1012 lives. In the sky, there was the kick off with the very first airline to provide a planned and frequent commercial traveling service using heavier-than-air aircraft. The flight was on the Saint. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat course.

Some other memorable occurrences of 1914 will be that on February 12th, in Washington, DC construction started on the Lincoln Memorial as being the very first stone is put in place. On February 13th, in New York City, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers is set up. This became important because it was the first step along the way to protect the copyrighted musical arrangements of its members as well as the beginning of copyright laws. Baseball superstar Babe Ruth makes his major league debut on July 11 1914 playing with the Boston Red Sox. On September 3rd, Pope Benedict XV (Giacomo Chiesa) succeeds Pope Pius X to become the 258th pope. On, December 5, The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Journey by Sir Ernest Shackleton begins so that they can make the very first land traversing of Antarctica. The journey would not accomplish this aim, but it has become highly regarded instead as an epic and phenomenal accomplishment of durability.