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What are the treatment options for knee osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis in the knee is a very common condition that can have considerable impacts on the individual with regards to pain and disability. Furthermore, it has significant impacts for the expenditures to the healthcare system. The incidence with the problem is increasing with the heightened incidence of obesity that is the key risk factor for osteo arthritis of the knee. A number of researchers are declaring this a public health disaster and akin to the diabetes mellitus pandemic. The commonest risk factor is the weight problems, but those with a history of knee injury, probably from sport also are at a greater risk of knee joint osteoarthritis. There are some genetic risk factors for instance bow legs and also cartilage material in the knee that simply seems to be more prone to damage which are unable to really be changed like some other risk factors may.

Probably the 2 most vital aspects of treatment for individuals who have osteoarthritis is exercise and losing weight. Since a higher body weight is a large risk factor for the development of osteo arthritis as well as a predictor of the progression, reducing your weight will probably be vitally important. This is going to need to be a long-term undertaking and needs to be directed by the right professional supervision. Weight loss could also help the other therapies which you can use to work better. The additional vital component is physical exercise. Movement has been proven to help pain. All of the muscles surrounding the painful knee should be strengthened. This can be mild exercise routines in a swimming pool or perhaps heavier weight lifting in a fitness center. That as well ought to be under the help and advice of a health care professional to make sure that the actual exercises are the proper exercises and done properly. Do nothing is just not a choice and does not help limit the development of the condition.

Yet another exercise method is an unstable shoe intervention, Apos therapy, that you have on for about a couple of hours a day. These Apos therapy footwear is adjusted to enable you to walk in a different way therefore making you unstable which results in a conditioning of the gait muscles. In addition to the Apos devices there are wedges that can be used within the footwear and may help osteoarthritis in the medial compartment. There are different splints which might be worn about the knee to support and try taking a little of the force off it. There are a number of drugs along with injection treatments which helps with the discomfort and they are very helpful, however they don’t change the nature of the problems in the way losing weight and exercise can. There are actually medications and other therapies that are getting investigated that will help fix the specific deterioration of the cartilage material, but they’re even now in the experimental development. When the pain throughout the knee joint gets worse and becomes really painful then a total knee arthroplasty is being performed more frequently. The disability and recovery time after this surgical procedure is decreasing with good physical therapy and there have been big improvements in the hardware that the joint arthroplasty is produced with.