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Is it possible to get rid of corns on the foot?

Someone who has corns on the toes are always researching ways to get rid of them. A vey important step for permanently get rid of corns on your foot is to comprehend just what exactly corns are. There are plenty of misunderstandings about precisely what corns happen to be which pushes a great deal of misinformation about the subject.

Corns usually are smaller distinct areas of hard thick epidermis which tend to have a much deeper central core to them. A callus is usually a more superficial diffuse area of hard skin, so corns and calluses are in precisely the same mechanism, simply with different final results. The reason behind these types of areas of thickened skin is just too much pressure over a extended period of time. Since the pressure on the foot or toe goes on the skin keeps on becoming thicker in order to safeguard itself. This is a typical and natural activity and how the skin on the human body defends itself. However , the epidermis keeps on becoming thicker as a result of that pressure, that it gets so thicker that it subsequently will become painful. With a corn that pressure is only more focused over a smaller location.

The primary reason for this higher pressure is often a variety of reasons. The shoes may well be poorly fitted. There might be a claw toe or hallux valgus. There might be a metatarsal that is out of positioning. There might be a variety of factors that can cause an excessive amount of pressure on one distinct part of the foot when compared with another. This is actually the reason for corns as well as calluses. There won’t be any alternative causes. It’s all about how much pressure.

If you would like to permanently remove a corn you have to remove that pressure on the area which may be leading to this. Just doing away with a corn or by using a corn removing pad or getting a podiatrist to debride a corn won’t once and for all eliminate the corn. Those techniques may give you some relief for a period of time from several weeks to several months, however, if the reason for the corn remains, the corn will come back. Corns do not have “roots” that they can come back from. They do not come back because the podiatrist just didn’t take out the root when they debride it. The corn returned as the pressure that caused the corn is still present.

There are numerous of methods which need to be used to reduce that high pressure on an area that may be triggering the corn or callus. The particular approach is dependent upon what the cause is. You will probably have to discuss this with a podiatrist. If the shoes are too restricted, chances are they will need to be improved. When there is a hammer toe, consequently that’s going to need to be fixed. When there is a bunion, then this too is going to need to be corrected or perhaps extra padding used to get the pressure of it. There are numerous of different methods that will need to be used determined by exactly what the cause is. The corn removal pads do not work. The main solution to eliminating a corn once and for all is understanding just what causes it.