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The Saddle Bone

The top part of the foot has every now and then been referred to as the “saddle” as it is considered to resemble the back of the horse the place that the saddle could go. You can find a distinct disability or bump which may develop at the top of the foot, that is why this sometimes referred to as a Saddle Bone deformity. Technically this is what’s called a dorsal metatarsal cuneiform exostosis. This is a overgrowth of some bone which develops on the top of the feet near the base of the 1st metatarsal along with the bone behind this. It really is very rarely referred to as a saddle bone deformity in the medical literature. The bone becomes increased because of jamming of the joints on the bottom of the first metatarsal and the bone tissue develops as a result of this specific jamming due to the increased motion of the 1st metatarsal. It might appear to be to be a lump over the top of the mid-foot. This enlarged bit of bone tissue can get uncomfortable due to pressure about the lump from the footwear, especially if the laces are done up firmly. This could be also a specific problem in sports activities including snow skiing or ice skating since the footwear that happen to be used may be rigid and may place a great deal of pressure on the swollen bone tissue. The pressure could perhaps cause a bursitis to form, which can get inflamed. If there are shooting type discomfort linked to this then that could signify that a nerve may be impinged, or else the pain is often identified as a dull or perhaps sharp in its character. There might be a bit of inflammation over the region. The bigger bone is not difficult to see on a x-ray. There may also be some osteo arthritis in the joints seen on the x-ray which might be triggering the symptoms. There are other conditions that could imitate the saddle bone deformity for example a ganglion cyst or a tendinitis.

The simplest initial handling of a saddle bone deformity is only to stay clear of closed in shoes wherever possible because that should indicate that there isn’t any pressure on it. Sometimes you can easily only remove the shoelaces in the eyelets in the footwear on the area of the swollen bone which might be adequate to have pressure away from it for the swelling to get better. An additional way to get pressure away from the area would be to adhere a pad under the tongue of the shoe above the lump. These types of pads might be in the shape of a doughnut having a hole at the center or a U shape. Both of these are meant to get pressure off of the painful region. Adhesive felt may be used and stuck underneath the tongue in the shoe. When this is useful, after that more long-term product for example korex can be employed and glued in position for the long term. In case the saddle bone deformity is especially swollen then a steroid injection therapy and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are usually necessary for the short term to get alleviation. If these kinds of methods are unsuccessful for a saddle bone deformity, there are surgical options to remove the bone tissue along with fuse the joint.