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What does the doctor mean when he says “too many toes”?

This tends to seem somewhat strange and the description isn’t regarding what number of toes you have, so it isn’t some type of congenital deformity of the foot. It’s a signal which health professionals often notice and talk about when looking at the feet or taking a look at an individual walking. When an individual is standing straight and you have a look at them from behind and check out towards the front of the foot, you could usually start to see the small toe and maybe the next toe on the lateral side while looking. In a number of people you will observe a few more than the outside couple of toes viewed from the back – this is what is referred to as the too many. It refers to the number of toes are seen on the outside when looking at someone standing when looked at from behind. A few toes is normal, most of the toes is quite excessive and several of the toes can be regarded as fairly abnormal. Together with standing up, the too many toes sign is usually looked at when people are running and walking.

It is of a bit of discussion concerning if you have a lot of toes getting observable laterally when seen from the back will be of any clinical significance or otherwise? Some people with this particular sign will have a outwardly rotated gait and in most people this is quite normal and of no consequence. Other people with this may have a significantly overpronated foot and the forefoot abducts considerably to cause this too many toes sign. This kind of problem will be quite painful and also debilitating. In this case you could think about that the too many toes sign isn’t a concern by itself, but is an indication that there will be an actual issue of the too much pronation. It is usually more a manifestation of the condition rather than a condition by itself.

A problem with using the language, ‘too many toes sign’ would be that it is “a problem” and brings to mind the image in persons thoughts they may have some kind of medical problem when they don’t really. Using phrases to clarify these types of conditions must be selected carefully so they won’t unduly alarm individuals. When the condition is required to be treated since it is a symptom of an underlying problem then consideration must be directed at that. Whenever the excessive pronation is the reason why for this too many toes sign and there is a requirement to deal with this, and then there are options. Not all cases of overpronation ought to be dealt with, but when they will the most prevalent treatment is with a foot orthosis. These can be made to order for the person or they usually are pre-fabricated kind of mass manufactured kind. Great supportive shoes may also be beneficial. Dependant upon the cause, there are a number of exercises which might be effective like the short foot exercises and also physical exercises for the hip to improve external rotation in the leg. If you think maybe you or someone you know may have this too many toes sign, then get to a a health professional experienced in this problem for getting some help and advice.