How beautiful is Mexican pottery?

All pottery from around the world has some similar qualities to all other pottery and some qualities that are unique to the culture in which it was crafted and created. There is much that goes into the creation of pottery pieces from the clay that is molded and shaped to the intricacy of carvings, paintings, glazing, and even the firing method that is used to, in essence, create the actual pottery piece. Mexican pottery is often considered to be among the most beautiful forms of pottery in the world today. Of course there are those who disagree as beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there is little doubt that it is among some of the most intricately designed pottery you will find around the world today.

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Are fake security cameras a deterrent?

Are fake security cameras effective? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Fake security cameras have helped to prevent many crimes. Mounted in high profile, totally visible locations, these cameras are not hooked up to anything, they mostly operate for a long time on batteries and sometimes have a few flashing lights or other obvious characteristics to make them look as if they are doing something.

Many a would-be robber has changed his or her mind about entering someplace illegally after spotting one of these dummy security cameras looking right at them. With today’s technology, an inexperienced thief really has no way to know whether or not he’s looking at a wireless, state of the art surveillance device or a fake security camera. Some of them actually pan back and forth, although these require more frequent battery changes.

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