Adapting Recipes to Slow Cookers

Now that you’ve started using your crock pot slow cooker regularly, you’re probably wondering how you can adapt your traditional recipes to use in a crock pot. The ease of preparing a meal with a slow cooker has literally changed the lives of busy families. With the help of their slow cookers, families are eating healthier and consuming less greasy fast-food.

Here are some hints for adapting your favorite traditional recipes for crock pot cooking.

1.) Add vegetables like peas and broccoli to your recipe in the last 15 – 60 minutes. If you’re using frozen vegetables, remember to add them to your crock pot recipe during the last 30 minutes.

2.) Make sure to soak your dried beans so that they are completely softened before adding them to your recipe. If your recipe includes tomatoes, salt, or sugar, then your beans should definitely be soaked before cooking.

3.) If your recipe calls for pasta, any kind of seafood, milk or other dairy products, then only add them during the last 60 minutes of cooking, and cook pasta to just a bit tender before adding them to the cooker. Condensed cream soups are good alternatives to dairy products because they can withstand longer cooking times.

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Is too much cola a problem?

Sugary beverages have got themselves an awful name as not really being good for our health and well being. It is often regarded that sugary drinks absolutely are a critical reason for a number of health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and even tooth decay. There is research that has shown that drinking just a can of cola may have negative influences on our bodies in a quite brief time frame. Studies have also suggested that in the USA, around 50% will take in at least one sweet drinks on any day with younger adults to be the most regular consumers of sweet beverages for example full strength cola. In every can of soda, you can find approximately 37 gms of additional sugar, that is around ten teaspoons. The World Health Organization advocates taking in a maximum of 6 tsp of extra sugar each day. Due to the amount of sweet beverages ingested and just how much sugar they contain as well as the risk that creates for health, then it’s easy to understand the wide ranging challenge with this.

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Ten Thinks You Might Not Know About Barbecuing

Every spring, North Americans gear up their grill, stock up on the meat and prepare for many mouth-watering barbecues. But how much do we really know about the art of barbecuing? From the familiar pastime’s origins to surprising tips and tactics, this list will provide you with all the information you need to wow your friends at the next neighbourhood barbecue!

1) Barbecues originated in pig-pickin’s, feasts that were common in the Southern United States prior to the Civil War. Whole pigs were cooked and eaten by the crowd.

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The History of Cheesecakes

What’s your favorite birthday cake? For me, nothing beats cheesecake. In fact, I can’t imagine what the world was like before cheesecake was created!

Turns out, you’d have to search back pretty far to find a time when the Earth was cheesecake free. In fact, way back in 776 BC, long before the first Cheesecake Factory opened, the Greeks are said to have served cheesecake to the athletes at the first Olympic games. The Romans soon caught on and spread the divine taste of cheesecake throughout Europe. From there it was only a matter of time before European immigrants brought their cherished cheesecake recipes to America.

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What is the ‘Breakfast of Champions’?

The saying ‘Breakfast of Champions’ can result in several meanings. It had been in the beginning used from the promotional slogan for the Wheaties brand of breakfast cereal that was known for showcasing popular athletes on its packaging and declaring that they had the cereal for breakfast, suggesting that it helped them grow to be champions. It soon became a relatively symbolic expression or jargon for almost any food or drink that would be generally regarded as being unhealthy. This is especially the case if one consumes it for breakfast or early in the day frequently. By way of example quite a few people joke about a morning ritual as the Breakfast of Champions is one thing the daily early morning ritual of needing a few cigarettes and a couple cups of coffee to obtain the fix of nicotine and caffeine in order to face your day. For other people it might imply the regular eating of a similar breakfast every day, like bacon and eggs. Some suggest that they need their Breakfast of Champions to properly awaken each morning and to get their bowels moving ahead of facing the day ahead.

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The Different Ways to Cook Rice

Rice needs to be thoroughly washed. A good way to do this is to put it into a colander, in a deep pan of water. Rub the rice well with the hands, lifting the colander in and out the water, and changing the water until it is clear; then drain. In this way the grit is deposited in the water, and the rice left thoroughly clean.

The best method of cooking rice is by steaming it. If boiled in much water, it loses a portion of its already small percentage of nitrogenous elements. It requires much less time for cooking than any of the other grains. Like all the dried grains and seeds, rice swells in cooking to several times its original bulk. When cooked, each grain of rice should be separate and distinct, yet perfectly tender.

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