What is Sever’s Disease

Heel pain in children is actually very common. You will find there’s disorder that has an effect on the rear of calcaneus bone in kids described as Sever’s disease which numerous children have. This is a growth area condition, therefore for this reason it is a condition that the youngster is going to grow out of in due course. It is recommended to be aware that this is not a “disease”, but the term is a thing that has stuck so it is nonetheless frequently used. A lot more proper name is calcaneal apophysitis. There exists a growth area (the apophysis) at the back of the calcaneus bone in the foot in which growth occurs, therefore the problem is an injury to that growth area. It generally impacts youngsters relating to the ages of about 8-14 years old, with a few occuring outside these age ranges. When growth for this heel bone ends around the middle of the teenage years, then Sever’s disease is no longer a concern or an issue.

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